Mark Graham, Monica Stephens, Catherine D'Ignazio and myself go to SXSW!

Breaking Bin Laden: visualizing the power of a single tweet

I have been experimenting with the ability to map out data in new ways with 140kit. I give you results from <20 minutes with results from the latest offerings, available soon.

A weekly-updated website containing data on the purchase rate of every TLD

My senior year of undergraduate studies' net result in studying the effect of Twitter on the Iranian election of 2009

My first web-based Processing visualization using government data as well as more contemporary... tweet... data

Problem: track a weather balloon and retrieve it. Solution: Make it twitter its location through an Arduino

This is an project I worked on with Ian Pearce and Max Darham to make visual maps of Wikipedia's, or the collection of all articles as described in a network map

An interface I built for twitter: recurse away!

Flap Core is a gem that I developed at work to be used as a semi-safe password generator. It's named so because it generates passwords like flap12core.

In one of my classes this year, I got fascinated by the travelling salesman problem, then decided to provide a problem solver in Ruby